Welcome to your creative headquarters

Now lets find your target and strike.


Strike Creative concentrates on providing an unparalleled level of customer service which helps build a bridge between our expertise and the objectives of your business. Strike Creative prides itself in being available to our clients at any time they require support and always being candid and truthful. This unique relationship between client and supplier allows you to develop and utilize Strike Creative as an extension of your business units.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large sized business has no effect on whether or not you should be utilizing experts to enhance your existing web infrastructure. If you need support in Web Development, Internet Marketing and Brand Design we are an excellent selection to consider. We also provide additional services such as Project Management and Web Maintenance.

5 Striking Points

1. Purpose Driven

We concentrate on business objectives in order to accomplish your creative goals. We are candid and truthful, and you will only receive the necessary services that help you reach your objectives.

2. Expert Listeners

Listening is a powerful tool and we are experts in this area. Understanding our clients business and the overall objective is essential to any project. We have a thorough discovery phase which allows Strike Creative to create a complete strategic and tactical plan for any size project.

3. Small Business

The web industry has a variety of suppliers which are tailored to work with large businesses. Strike Creative is different because we understand that the economy is comprised of small and medium sized businesses as a majority, and these organizations also need the digital strategies and tactics that make larger organizations successful.

What makes Strike Creative unique is our ability to recognize that it is easier for a company to tool-up then down; therefore, Strike Creative reacts dynamically to demand, which makes us the common sense choice for any organization.

4. Full Service

How many vendors do you have? When you work with Strike Creative you have one creative vendor that understands the multiple facets and uses of the web. We know how to exploit those facets in order to find your target audience and Strike.

5. Clean and Simple

Strike Creative believes in simple and clean style. We don't believe in complicating design because life is already complicated, people are trying to escape the clutter and mess that surround them.